Have you filled out the 2016 CBHL Annual Meeting Survey?

Before our annual meeting impressions fade to rosy memories, and we become immersed in our libraries, you may want to fill out the survey.

We have had a great response to the Annual Meeting Survey. If you have filled out the 2016 Annual Meeting Survey, we would like to say thank you, the information will be very helpful to next year’s meeting host.

If you still plan to give us feedback on the meeting via the survey, and have not filled it yet, don’t worry. The survey will be live until September 1st.

If you have not filled out the survey yet, please fill out the Post Conference Survey for the 2016 Annual Meeting held May 24-28, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio (Hosted by the Cleveland Botanical Garden & Holden Arboretum)

Your feedback helps future Conference Hosts plan the best meetings possible. We look forward to hearing from you.