The 55th Annual Meeting is changing to an all virtual meeting.

The need for CBHL to pivot has become clear. CBHL and its Annual Meeting need to be nimble in light of changing times. The goal of the Annual Meeting is to share ideas, provide a generative professional engagement experience, and foster a nexus of committed and supportive librarians coming together. We want the Annual Meeting to continue to be essential, accessible, and attractive to new and existing members alike. To that end, the CBHL Board and BRIT, the host institution, are moving to an all-virtual meeting.

The need to shift to a different format has become clear in the past several weeks, and registration for an all-virtual meeting will be offered at no cost to maximize participation. For those who have already registered, registration fees will be fully refunded.

CBHL is comprised of hundreds of librarians across North America and more who have been part of its inception, evolution, and growth. We are at a juncture in the life of CBHL that necessitates transformation. Join us virtually as we come together to thoughtfully engage and share perspectives as we envision the future for CBHL and its Annual Meeting.

The all-virtual 55th CBHL Annual Meeting hosted by BRIT will be held May 2 – May 4, 2023. Please register here at no cost. For details about the program, please consult the LibGuide.   

Thank you,

Ana Niño and the CBHL Board