Please review the biography below for the candidate for the Office of the 2nd Vice President.  The vote to elect the 2nd Vice President will begin the week of 03/09/2020, closing on 3/23/2020.

The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries 2020 Candidate’s Biography for the Office of 2nd Vice President

Allaina Wallace

I have been the Head Librarian at the Helen Fowler Library at Denver Botanic Gardens since 2014. In addition to CBHL, I am also a member of the American Library Association (so that I can be a member of RBMS), the Special Libraries Association, and the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists where I have served on the board twice as Program Chair and once as President (Vice President, President, Past President). This year I also plan to sit on the board of the Colorado Library Consortium representing special libraries. (CLiC is infrastructure for libraries throughout Colorado.)

I am interested in participating and serving in a greater capacity with CBHL. For the past two years or so, my focus has been on moving the Helen Fowler Library into a brand new facility. That project will come to a close this year and will kick off a new era for our library. As our library grows into its new potential, I hope to bring that same energy and excitement to CBHL. I still have a lot to learn about botanical and horticultural libraries and I learn best when I surround myself with colleagues who are experts in their fields. I can’t think of a better way to do that than by serving on the CBHL board.

**The vote to elect the Second Vice President will will begin the week of 3/09/2020, closing on 03/23/2020.**